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                                                                                Hishtil Nurseries, P.O. Box 2636 Afula, 18126 Israel

Hishtil is a leading, international and innovative nurseries company that produces young plants to professional growers and local markets. Hishtil skillfully utilizes vegetable grafting technologies and develops the methods while continuously responding to growers needs including: smart use of expensive hybrid seeds, solutions to soil borne diseases, environment friendly agriculture, saving on growing inputs, uniform growth and yields, yield enhancement etc. Hishtil has positioned itself as a leader in the world of modern nurseries by developing unique technologies, production protocols and innovative production methods for sustainable, earth friendly nursery operation. Hishtil’s international operations include the establishment of a global nursery network, consulting and upgrading services for existing nurseries and sales of professional know-how to customers around the world. Hishtil complies with the strictest international standards of healthy and clean propagation material production: ISO 9001:2000, GlobalG.A.P. As certified by Agrior, Hishtil complies with the IFOAM, USDA and PPIS standards for the production of organic produce. Hishtil produces patio plants, bedding plants, flowering plants, ornamental herbs with essential oils, aromatic culinary herbs (Salvia, Basil, Mint, Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender), perennials (Penstemon, Gaura, Euphorbia, Sedum), Mediterranean plants, cut flowers, vegetables for home gardening and grafted vegetables. Hishtil also has a retail concepts program.